Truth About Six Pack Abs Review


"What Is The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program"


 By John P.




Everywhere we look it seems there’s a self-proclaimed guru out there in the world that has an idea about how to work the ab muscles. These muscles are the most important muscles in the body. Not only do those muscles help when it comes to proper posture, but those abs will also improve balance and aid in other ways and let’s face it they are fun to have and look at too. We want to be the guy or gal in the group with “the six abs”. This leads me to Mike Geary. Mike Geary penned the best selling book “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” as a way to help those who want to get the perfect abs quickly and easily. The book covers the proper foods to eat and the right exercises to do to get a six pack.  


Now let me say first off Geary is different from the other gurus out there. His product is one of the most popular products out there.

Eat Healthy, Don't Diet

One of the biggest obstacles that Geary tackles in his book is the issue of healthy eating. Many people find that they eat junk food and fast food on a regular basis because they don't have the time to eat healthy. They would rather go to the drive through on the way home from work than deal with cooking when they get home. Geary does a good job of explaining the different between dieting and eating healthy. Far too many people rely on a diet plan that feels boring or dull after a few days. Geary wants readers to know that they can get in shape when they eat healthy without dieting.

A Lifestyle Program

The main difference between most diet and exercise programs and The Truth About Six Page Abs is that this is a lifestyle program. The problem with most diet and exercise programs is that those programs only focus on one or the other. When you pick up an exercise DVD, the DVD tells you how to workout and burn calories without explaining that you need to eat right too. Diet plans focus more on healthy eating and replacing snacks with other options, and those programs don't explain that you also need to workout. Geary's program is not just another program but a lifestyle change. The author tells readers how to combine healthy eating and exercise to get the abs that they want.

Great Recipes

When it comes to losing weight, many diet programs ask that users invest in foods only available from that company. You need to pay for the company to send food to your home, or you need to buy the company's food from the grocery store. Other plans teach you how to lose weight when you eat out at restaurants, but this book actually gives you some great and delicious recipes. The book also includes a detailed plan that shows you which foods you can eat every day to stay on track. You can even use the book to determine how much you need to eat calorie wise and which foods will help you stay within that calorie count.

Simple Workouts

If you grew up during the 1980s and 1990s, you might remember the eight minute ab workout. While the exercises in this book take a little longer than eight minutes, each routine is something that you can easily do first thing in the morning. Workout before you leave for work in the morning or before the kids get up for school, or squeeze in a workout after work or after the kids settle down for the night. Geary includes a number of exercise routines that take anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes, and Geary recommends that you workout two to four times a week. He also includes a few adjustments that make the workouts easier for beginners.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program isn't just another diet plan, but it isn't another exercise program either. This program involves a complete lifestyle plan that changes the way you think about diet and exercise. Reading the book is just the first step in changing your life. 

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